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Additional Information

By taking a functional approach I can see the person as a “whole” not just bits and pieces that are showing up as symptoms that doctors just throw medication at hoping to quiet the noise of the nagging twinge of the problem. I get to take the time to ask questions instead of prescribing formulas, building partnerships instead of placing the physician or practitioner(me) above my patient, and really jump into finding the root cause instead of the assembly line feel of the generic quick fix. We will spend time gathering evidence through the collection of your Case History, Blood Work, DNA, Zyto Scan, Muscle Testing and Lifestyle Questionnaire then we have personalized choice for treatment. Being able to create a treatment plan that is very unique to each individual.

So exciting to see it all come together and watching my patients find levels of vitality they never thought possible! Now that’s a way to get back to JOY!