Passion and Purpose

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I took personal development courses, life coaching courses, nutritional courses, functional medicines classes, muscle testing seminars and even courses on genetics and methylation. I am consistantly learning. Our bodies are so intricate and not any one is the same as another. That’s exciting! I work with the “whole” person and not just the symptoms. Getting to the root cause of what is creating the loss of function, mentally or physically, which reveals a set of symptoms and has a particular disease or disorder label on it.  By using evidence building techniques, tools, problem solving and intuition we create a path towards wellness and finding the way back to the life you deserve and desire. We are experiencing it firsthand now that my husband has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and having an autistic grandson. Helping to bridge the gap between patient and medical system. Nutrition, Exercise, Recovery and Mindset or more important now than ever before. It is life changing! Taking our own health care into our own hands and working side by side with them not just taking a medication just because they said that’s the thing to do. It’s truly a team effort and I am so honored to be a part of that team. With a little Faith(Mindset), Love(Nutrition) and Gratitude(Movement) I know we can live to our fullest potential!

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