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I have met more women who have many notebooks like an  addiction(like me), they take no time for exercise (used to) and forget nutrition (yep me too)…  Between home life, kids and business there seems to be no time for self- care,  to maintain healthy habits or to be more organized!

My Story… Being in business my whole adult life I have been the one who does it all! Here me roar! I am Super Mom (single mom w/two kids in sports and did I mention they are girls?!?), Super Wife (when I was married to the first and now married to the last), Super Business Woman (Entrepreneur starting another one) and I have been to that place where “I AM TIRED”! Where’s my wine!!! And if  that’s not enough, I could commiserate with my friends and clients because they were going through the same experience. Not that I didn’t love my life it just was a  feeling of being a little overwhelmed, exhausted and never ending at times, well most of the time. Life just was missing something …. Me!

I started to do things differently, say things differently to myself and others, look at things a little differently and took “put your oxygen mask on first” way more seriously. Investing in me to find out just how SUPER I really was. And now I want to share it with you and come together helping you to see.


I would like to invite you to a once a week workshop where as a group we will move our bodies ( 1-2 mile walk) just to get the juices flowing, get the low down on purposeful low maintenance nutrition (while doing a little breaking bread with each other), creating actions steps to help get organized (simplify, simplify, simplify) and then come together with others to share and grow with  ( you are not alone and build a few friendships).

Breaking up the patterns and building better habits is going to be key to doing something new or getting back to where you used to be when you thought you had more time!

Workshop is every Saturday in March 

starting the 2nd and continues until Saturday the 30th.  

Time : 9am - 11am

Celebrating the "YOU" you are able to be!

The cost is $299

Space is Limited!

Women coming together for better life

Women coming together for better life